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Best sleep yet! The African room is a winner - mainly because it has a ceiling fan! I love to sleep with a fan on - it's cool and blocks some noise.

Dan had to leave for the airport early as he is on a different flight - Bidsy dropped him off. Are got up and cooked sausages and eggs for everyone. 4 different wursts! Everyone did their final pack, ready for home.

We decided to have a quick trip into the centre of Frankfurt for a look and a last minute shop. The 'old town' isn't very old, it all got decimated in WW2 and has been rebuilt. All the same it was very cute.


It was a quick visit as we had to be at the airport by 12pm to drop the car off. Bidsy is flying with a different airline to us and is therefore waiting in a different area.

Some fun and games waiting at the airport. How quickly the month has gone, but it does seem a long time ago that we were in Brussels. I'm sad it is all over - It has been a ball, but's time to go home and see my babies!


See you all soon.

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Our last full day today!

It has been set that we will meet in the foyer at 1pm for our departure to Frankfurt.

Our morning starts with listening to the Anzac day match between the Pies and the Bombers! Half time was breakfast time - Our last European buffet breakfast. We catch up with everyone else down there! Cale ends up listening to the final 10 mins of the footy in our hotel room. If you didn't know, it was close! Collingwood won!


We've all decided to take the cable car up to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress this morning. We head off together but split up not long after arriving at the fortress. Roddy doesn't cope very well with the movement of the cable car and needs to stop to get his head in order before continuing on.


The fortress is huge - It would be very easy to get lost inside! The walls were made thick back in the day. We all manage to fill the morning in and we meet Bidsy at the altered agreed time of 1.30. He is there waiting with the next vehicle - A big black van. We look like the mafia!

The drive to Frankfurt takes about an hour and a half, through some lush green forest and a huge highway! We detoured slightly to visit the final resting place of the Red Baron.


Our final nights accommodation has been a closely guarded secret for about a year. We finally arrive at our B & B - beer and breakfast! Beers are €1, and stocked, ready to go. And even better, the rooms are themed. We are in the African room - very weird! There is also a beach, music and red room.


Cale and Bidsy doing their washing!


We walked down to a local restaurant for our last authentic German meal, and it didn't disappoint. Three of the boys now have matching 'rust' coloured pants! Patto tried to get his drink order across.


We're starting to get the hang of this German - well, not really!


Our last sleep on German soil - in the African themed room! We are due to fly out to Bangkok at 2.45 tomorrow afternoon.

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The last day of riding today. A 35km stint into Keblenz. Rain and thunderstorms have been forecast for this afternoon, so we're keen to get going. The morning is cool but beautifully still. The first 5kms is an easy, slightly down hill ride on a good surface.


The first stop is Eltz Castle- one of the best castles on the Moselle. The ride into the parking area is easy (that is, flat!) and lovely. 4 of us decide to walk to the castle, the other 5 decide to try to ride. 2 minutes walk along the the track we run into the others, who have come across some steps, not a bike friendly path! So we all walk! It's a beautiful walk, through a lush green forest. Not at all a difficult walk. Very pleasant. We arrive at the castle pretty early - 10.30ish. Of course the boys have a Trocken, I have a coffee and share a cake. The castle is great!


There isn't much else to see today. More Moselle, more grape vines, gorgeous towns and castles. It gets quite warm - about 24°. We all stick together in a group. Some of the vines through here are the steppest yet!


Again a lot is closed. However, we manage to find a nice spot for lunch and a Trocken or Radler (shandy) or 2.


After lunch we start the final 11kms into Keblenz - sad that we are close to the end. However 100m down the road we come across an open weingut! (Winery). So much has been closed over Easter! So we pull in. The father of the wine maker is running the show. We end up buying 3 bottles of wine and drinking them outside in his 'area'. His English is very good, he has recently been to Australia.


When we were leaving there are 5 bottles of sweet dessert wine purchased at €30/bottle! He did okay! His son the wine maker also showed up!


The final push into Koblenz was therefore a little softened by alcohol. The destination was the statue of King William I, and the confluence of the Moselle and the Rhine. A few group photos, a touching of the bike wheels in the Moselle and a celebratory refreshment!


Onto the hotel, a freshen up and then another celebratory refreshment, this time Mojitos all round! We're all a bit weary!


We found details of the best pork knuckle in town and headed there for tea - a 15 min walk. The weather has turned. The winds are here! We mange to get a table for 9 in the restaurant. It has a great atmosphere, it's quite noisy. The meals and beers are huge.


The walk home us a bit wet. Our ride has been timed to perfection! We had glorious weather. There were no major incidences, only a couple if minor ones! We covered close to 250kms - no electric bikes - like a lot of others on the track. We enjoyed lots of food and wine and had lots of laughs. At times we've riden together and at others, gone our separate ways, and we are all still talking to one another! What a great experience!

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On the road by 9. Trying to get an early start on a big day. What a handsome Peleton!


We start riding into a very cool head wind. Great! The first 10kms is hard going and it seems that most businesses are closed for a day off after the busy Easter. We attempted to stop twice, to be told that they are closed. First cross of the river today was at a town called Neef. Here is a photo from the bridge, the boat is just entering a loch to move upstream.


Some ruins we found this morning.


Ade and I having a small rest.


Here is a distant view of where we finally found some morning refreshments and about 11.30. A gorgeous little town called Beilstein






Check out the slate work!


Bidsy leaving Beilstein.


It was then onto Cochem - so 40km from this morning. We got there at 1pm. Yet another picture perfect town.



Of course we all had to get up to the castle! We left the bikes behind this time. It was a fairly pleasant walk up. We all decided not to pay €6 each to get into the castle and enjoyed the view instead.


Ade, Cale and Bidsy decided that they wanted to ride the cable car up to another look out and the rest of us were happy to look around Cochem and then continue on to our accommodation - only another 10kms along the river.

Here are the day photos that came back from the chairlift trip.

Cale and Bidsy




We were supposed to cross the river at Klotten on the ferry - but due to the wind it wasn't functioning! This meant returning 4 kms to Cochem and going 10kms on the other side of the river or continuing 6km to our destination on a route unknown! Patto powered past the ferry, with Paula trying to chase him down - he was expecting a bridge! Rod, Paula and I decided to continue on after Patto. I sent a message to inform the others of the ferry's inaction. Dan and Ned got the message at the ferry and decided to return to Cochem and go around the other way (which cost them 10km up a big hill). The other 3 never got the message and followed our route.

The unknown route was a very bumpy track through a beautiful forest.


We settled into our accommodation and refreshed before the evening drinks and meal.


The flowers have been great this trip!


We covered about 60kms today!

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Another 9am buffet breakfast. The bike panniers are showing up at breakfast time and being filled with a few lunch supplies! Ham and cheese filled rolls, packets of nutella, cheese....

Again it is a cool but sunny morning. We set out for Zell at 10am. It's beautiful riding. The sun is warm but the air cool. The wind is mild in the morning but picks up in the afternoon.

First stop is at about 11am in Traben.


Bidsy, Patto and Ned decided to climb another hill to check out a castle and the vista, the rest stayed down and checked out Traben. Ade going over the bridge out of town.


The stops are quite regular! The beer of the moment is a Radler - basically a shandy! The wine is a Trochen, which is a dry Riesling.


Ade fell over trying to get on his bike after a Trochen - in front of a dozen Germans. It was hilarious!


Typical scenery.


The van park has had a big night!


Our lunch spot. A German BBQ.


We all pulled into our accommodation at 4ish. Our room for the evening.


A stroll in the shops and a pre-dinner drink at our establishment. It was decided to eat there too!


Then an ice-cream for dessert and another little stroll.


In bed by 8.30. We rode about 40kms today. 50 tomorrow!

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